Chairman Message

Thanjavur is an important pilgrimage center and a major tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. Next to agriculture, the major economy of Thanjavur thrives on tourism. Thanjavur District ranks 3rd in the state for domestic and international tourist arrivals. The UNESCO World Heritage Monuments, such as the Big Temple in Thanjavur, the Airavateeswarar Temple in Darasuram, and the famous Saraswathi Mahal Library & Art Gallery, attract a large number of tourists to Thanjavur.


Thanjavur’s culture, music, dance, art, and architecture are renowned all over the world. Additionally, Thanjavur District has the highest number of Geographical Indication (GI) products in the state.


The Thanjavur Tourism Promotion Council was established on 24th November 2014 under the chairmanship of the District Collector. Its aim is to maintain tourism spots, improve facilities for tourists, promote lesser-known destinations, develop new tourism destinations, plan for the overall development of Thanjavur tourism, and organize festivals to attract more tourists to Thanjavur District.


The Thanjavur Tourism Promotion Council collaborates with stakeholders to develop tourism destinations in Thanjavur District. New destinations, such as the Thanjavur Museum, Rajali Birds Park, 7D Theatre, Heritage Walk, Virutchavanam in Thirumalaisamudram, and boating in Manora, have been recently developed and are receiving a very positive response from tourists and the public.


In the year 2023, Thanjavur District received the Tamil Nadu Tourism Award for Best District in Tourism Development. At this juncture, the citizens of Thanjavur District should recognize the importance and impact of tourism and extend their full cooperation for the overall development of tourism in our district, which, in turn, will improve our economy.

Welcome to All!

Deepak Jacob IAS.,
District Collector
Chairman, Thanjavur Tourism Promotion Council